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Bun bo gio heo (Beef and fork soft noodle soup)

Preparing Bun bo gio heo is very skillful. Pig leg is clean-shaved, chopped into even slices with adequate bone, meat and skin, mixed with lean beefs, and soaked with salt, pepper, fish sauce, dry onion and spices.

Bun bo gio heo is proper with all appetites. Even diet people could enjoy the sweet-smelling of beef with less fat of pig leg so as not to be fed up with as serving. Bun bo gio heo is delicious anytime you have it. You could enjoy this specialty of the Central region on Hue City. 

Recipes: Bun bo gio heo (Beef and fork soft noodle soup).

For: 10 persons

- 1kg pork leg
- 1kg beef
- 2kg pork or beef bone
- 1.5kg vermicelli noodles
- 40 stalks lemon grass
- 10 chillies, fresh
- 1 bunch perilla
- 1 bunch cockscomb mint
- 1 bunch of Asian basil
- 200g green bean sprout
- 100g dried spring onion
- 200g green onion
- 200g banana flowers, thinly sliced
- lime, sugar, salt, fish sauce, garlic, dried tamarind,bamboo shoots, shrimp sauce, dried chilli powder.

To prepare:
- Soak pork in salt, roll and tie with bamboo.
- Slice beef and place with pork and bone in water – bring to boil and strain.
- Crunch lemon grass and crush white stalks.
- Wash banana flowers and thinly slice, then soak in water with dash of lime for 15 minutes.
- Wash chilli, sprouts and onion, then thinly chop onion.

To cook:
- Bring to boil five litres of water, add lemon grass, chilli, beef, and pork and return to the boil.
- Remove and allow to marinate for 90 minutes, then simmer in open pot after setting aside meat.
- Flavour with fried onion, chilli powder.
- Then mix fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, and crushed garlic to make serving sauce.
- The dish is also usually served with shrimp sauce added with lime juice and fresh chilli.

To serve:
- Thinly chop beef.
- Untie pork from bamboo slats and slice.
- Serve with chopped onions and cover with stoc.

Bun bo gio heo (Beef and fork soft noodle soup)

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