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Star Apple (Vu sua)

Star Apple ( Vu sua)

No better word than the word marvellous can be used as to praise the one who had given this kind of tropical fruit the name vu sua (milk from the breast). Upon entering an orchard of star apple trees the most regionally famous of which are located in Can Tho province in the Mekong River Delta, visitors can see for themselves hundreds of star apples hanging suspendedly from branches. The round and smooth fruits are of the same size.

The shape of the star apple only may as well match the name attached to it let alone its juice as fragrantly sweet, purely white as the milk from the breast.

If visitors are strange to the region, they would be guided by locals on how to enjoy the fruit because a stranger will certainly tack a sharp knife and peel the fruit which may then make the precious juice inside to be drip off wastefully. Therefore when using the knife to cut the fruit it is advisable to cut the fruit into two parts before using a spoon to take out the pulp bit by bit until nothing is left.

The most appreciated way to enjoy the fruit by orchard owners is to it the fruit in whole. That is to drill a small hole at the top of the fruit and lift it to the mouth and raise the head backward to suck the flow of the fragrant juice into the mouth continuously as if a baby sucking milk from its mother's breast. One thing you should remember is that before taking in the juice like that you must squeeze the tough fruit for a while until it becomes tendered so that the juice can mix with the meat of the fruit to become a sweet and fragrant muddy substance that looks like milk from the breast .

Star Apple (Vu sua)

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