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how is ticket issuing - FAQ
A: After booking a flight, you have to pay for the ticket(s) or notify of the ticket number and confirm the booking, as time limit in the passenger name record. Such a time limit will be provided by the reservation staff. The reservation will be cancelled if you fail to pay for the ticket(s) or notify of the ticket number within the required time. Airport ticketing: In case of emergency, you can book a flight and have a ticket(s) issued at the airport, which, however, is limited by all Airlines to the two following cases: • Inablity to make a reservation with the travel agent or at the office. • Passengers who have seats confirmed within 4 hours before departure. (Only offices of Vietnam Airlines can perform this function) Open ticket: you can have a ticket issued for a flight with open departure and arrival times. This ticket can be used throughout its period of validity, subject to the availability of seats.

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